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and automatic optimization of 3D content.

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Unleash Productivity

Easily achieve more than 10x in cost-savings when creating new assets or getting data ready for any business case. Whether taking massive CAD assemblies into a VR application or optimizing AAA game scenes — InstaLOD helps you achieve your vision. Each individual feature has been carefully engineered to deliver best-in-class results at outstanding performance levels.

Polygon Optimization

InstaLOD delivers award-winning polygon optimization at blazing-fast speeds even when operating on large data sets with multiple millions of polygons.

  • Award-winning polygon optimization technology
  • Adaptive skeletal mesh optimization for perfect animations
  • Fine-grained control over optimization for power users
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InstaLOD Polygon Optimization


InstaLOD's multi-resolution remesher is fast, memory efficient and can easily handle big data input with multiple millions of polygons.

  • Remeshing that delivers on quality, speed and versatility
  • Turn unprepped high-polygon 3D data into realtime ready assets
  • Handle every situation from individual objects to complex scenes
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InstaLOD Geometry Remeshing

Quad Remeshing

Experience reliable, consistent and scalable triangle to quad mesh conversions with InstaLOD's quad remesher.

  • Generate pure quad topologies from any triangle-mesh
  • The quad topology automatically aligns to primary features
  • Align the quad mesh topology to sharp features and mesh boundaries
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InstaLOD Quad Remeshing

Isotropic Remeshing

Instantly prepare your data for complex soft-body simulations or animations using InstaLOD's isotropic remesher.

  • Complex meshes can be refined until all edges are the same length
  • The isotropic constraint can be lifted to preserve important details
  • Important attributes on the remeshed geometry such as texture coordinates are preserved
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InstaLOD Quad Remeshing

Draw-Call Reduction

Reducing the amount of draw calls required to render a scene is paramount to achieving a flawless experience. InstaLOD is capable of reducing draw calls by combining multiple material textures into a single material texture.

  • Break the GPU bottleneck by merging your draw calls
  • Scalable packing and atlas texture creation
  • Full support for skinned and static geometry
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InstaLOD Draw Call Reduction and Material Merging

Imposters and Foliage

Using stand-in geometry for foliage is one of the most widely adopted techniques for foliage rendering. InstaLOD supports the creation of a wide variety of different imposter types.

  • One-click imposter generation for objects and entire scenes
  • Automatic creation of texture maps such as ambient occlusion, displacement and normal map
  • The new hybrid billboard cloud imposter retains depth and animation information
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InstaLOD Mesh Imposters

Occlusion Culling

Removing polygons that are not visible to the observer is one of the most important workflows to achieve a smooth experience when rendering complex geometry or scenes. InstaLOD supports a fully automatic and highly scalable occlusion culling engine.

  • Fully automatic removal of interior geometry with zero configuration
  • Powerful camera based occlusion culling to minimize polygon throughput
  • Support for multiple perspective and orthogonal cameras
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InstaLOD Occlusion Culling

Baking and UV Tools

InstaLOD is a versatile toolkit for mesh processing: Automating UV unwrapping or packing, conforming normals or automatically filling holes are just a small sample of the available algorithms. To bridge the texturing gap, InstaLOD comes with a fully batchable high-resolution baking solution that generates all textures required for modern texturing or rendering workflows.

  • Versatile Toolkit for mesh processing
  • Automatic UV unwrapping and packing
  • Batchable baking with up to 32k textures
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InstaLOD Texture Baking

CAD Import and Tessellation

Experience ultra-robust CAD import and tessellation for both native and portable file formats. With InstaLOD's CAD Live Link you can selectively retessellate specific parts of your assembly even long after the scene has been fully loaded. Get a handle on huge assemblies with scene import rules.

  • Native CAD Import and Tessellation
  • Scriptable scene rules for automation and content regeneration
  • Handling of meta data and assembly attributes
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InstaLOD CAD/CAM Import and Tessellation

The solution that leaders use

From Fortune 500 companies to the game developers that are creating the world's most beloved franchises. InstaLOD supports leading brands to deliver their vision.

The products that fit into your workflow

InstaLOD magically fits into every content pipeline due to a wide spectrum of different applications and integrations. No matter what workflow, engine or platform is used to drive your content, InstaLOD enables your team to deliver.


The 64-bit InstaLOD C++ Software Development Kit enables OEMs and ISVs with custom tools and technology to integrate our technology seamlessly into existing software. Leveraging the InstaLOD SDK for your in-house application development is easy and painless.

InstaLOD SDK is available on PC Windows and MacOS.

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InstaLOD Pipeline

InstaLOD Pipeline is a cross-platform commandline application that enables you to perform data processing on a batch of files without having to use a graphical user interface. Using InstaLOD Pipeline to introduce automation or implement automated data-prepping processes in your asset pipeline is about as easy as it gets.

InstaLOD Pipeline is available on PC Windows and MacOS.

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InstaLOD for Autodesk Maya

InstaLOD for Autodesk Maya and Maya LT enables you to optimize 3D data without having to waste time switching applications. Great care has been taken to ensure a high degree of usability and productivity even when using InstaLOD for Autodesk Maya for the first time.

InstaLOD for Autodesk Maya is available on PC Windows and MacOS.

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InstaLOD for Autodesk 3ds Max

InstaLOD for Autodesk 3ds Max unleashes killer optimizations on one of the most popular 3D modelling applications. Every single feature of our technology has been smoothly integrated into the 3ds Max UI with a native feel, asynchronous processing and batching.

InstaLOD for Autodesk 3ds Max is available on PC Windows.

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InstaLOD for Unity

InstaLOD for Unity neatly integrates into the engine's sleek editor UI and enables Unity developers to optimize 3D assets with just a few clicks. Optimizing complex scenes or creating entirely new assets with InstaLOD for Unity is as easy and accesible as the engine itself.

InstaLOD for Unity is available on PC Windows and MacOS.

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InstaLOD for Unreal Engine

InstaLOD for Unreal Engine enables game developers to optimize 3D assets and scenes from within Unreal Engine. Full support for both static and skeletal meshes as well as draw call reduction make InstaLOD the best choice for optimization in Unreal Engine.

InstaLOD for Unreal Engine is available on PC Windows and MacOS.

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InstaLOD Studio

InstaLOD Studio is the holistic 3D processing platform that finally makes it easy to convert complex scenes into usable assets. InstaLOD Studio draws your content with a stunning physically based renderer and gives you direct access to the powerful features of our technology. Interoperability between InstaLOD Pipeline and a versatile plugin interface make InstaLOD Studio stand out from the crowd.

InstaLOD Studio is now available on PC Windows and MacOS.

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InstaLOD Grid

InstaLOD Grid enables you to easily deploy your own on-premise InstaLOD compute cluster. The entire InstaLOD technology stack will be immediately available to all members of your organization. At the same time the InstaLOD Grid strips away the need to install and learn a new software package - making it trivial to spread the technology within your operation. As demand for processing increases, you can easily add more processing nodes to your local InstaLOD Grid cluster.

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InstaLOD for Autodesk VRED

InstaLOD for Autodesk VRED is the ultimate companion for creating the best visualizations directly inside Autodesk VRED. Leap ahead by reducing time consuming workflows and slashing iteration cost down to a minimum.

InstaLOD for Autodesk VRED is now available on PC Windows.

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InstaLOD for Blender

InstaLOD for Blender introduces our industry leading technology to the popular free and open-source 3D modelling package. No corners have been cut and the entire InstaLOD toolstack is available at your finger tips.

InstaLOD for Blender is now available on PC Windows and MacOS.

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The technology that bonds everything together

InstaLOD revolutionizes your business by automating labor intensive workflows involved in data preparation. Establishing InstaLOD as central data source for your visualization data utilizes the full potential of your existing CAD, Scan or 3D data and enables direct retargeting for any business case with automated processing at minimal cost.

The business case typically begins with preexisting data that needs to be converted into a usable format. InstaLOD can process any kind of input data from dense 3D geometry to large CAD assemblies. With support for more than 50 distinct file formats and a high-quality tessellation engine as well as native CAD format reading capabilities, InstaLOD has the broadest file reading capabilities available. A versatile plugin system enables developers to easily add support for any proprietary file format for both import and export.

After the conversion the time-consuming part of data preparation and adaptation begins. To create a visualization asset, the data must be manually adapted to fit the targeted use case. If the source data changes, the process must be repeated. Using InstaLOD as your centralized data source for visualization assets allows you to fully automate this process. These automations range from reducing the number of polygons while maintaining a high-quality surface to cleaning the data hierarchy, assigning materials or fully reconstructing even the most complex scene so it runs properly on the targeted device.

Every platform requires a different form of data adaptation, this makes it very difficult to reuse preexisting data. InstaLOD enables you to retarget your content for any platform: from low-powered virtual reality headsets to high-end workstations used for CG image generation. With InstaLOD's rule-based automation, it's trivial to retarget your data for different platforms without having to reinvest into a manual preparation process.
Just push a button, and your data can be regenerated.

InstaLOD is a key enabler for a wide range of different business cases ranging from AAA game productions to luxury car configurators for the world's top brands. Applications powered by InstaLOD run on almost any device from the internet to an embedded system that's driving the next-generation dashboard of a car. Increase your sales by building applications that immerse your customers, or improve your design review process by utilizing automatic data regeneration. InstaLOD enables you to build a data-process where flexibility through automation is not just an afterthought.

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