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Get ready to immerse yourself into Devcom, where the most distinguished names and influential figures converge, offering you an unforgettable journey filled with joy, entertainment, inspiration, and groundbreaking innovation! Serving as the official game developer event of Gamescom and Europe’s unparalleled hub for game developers, Devcom stands as an essential cornerstone in the calendars of major players within the game development realm.

Meet us at Devcom 2023

The year 2023 marks a defining chapter for the Abstract group. After four years of unwavering dedication, we are thrilled to unveil the launch of InstaMAT! InstaMAT is the turbocharger for your asset production workflow, revolutionizing material creation and texturing. With the power of AI, image synthesis, and procedural geometry, alongside creative layering workflows and graph-based pipelines, InstaMAT represents the next generation solution. We’re excited to showcase its prowess with live demos at the conference. Keep an eye out for the forthcoming announcement of Public Early Access later this year – we can’t wait to put this cutting-edge software into your hands.

Yet, there’s even more to discover! This year, we introduced the InstaLOD 2023 update, introducing a plethora of fresh features and enhancements. From core innovations such as quad remeshing and a GPU-based texture baker, to the seamless integration of Python scripting into InstaLOD Studio and Pipeline, along with the culmination of years of research and development for our SDK. These represent just a glimpse into our diverse range of improvements. Beyond the realm of technical advancements, we’re equally thrilled to announce the relaunch of our InstaLOD website, now featuring a user-friendly web-shop that makes acquiring InstaLOD easier than ever. Our dedication extends to the development of our other pioneering technologies in development – InstaREC and RSX Engine. Speak with us on site and we’ll be pleased to provide you with the latest advancements and showcases of these two upcoming solutions.

Get in touch with us now to schedule a meeting or locate us at Devcom 2023, stationed at the Abstract booth number B1.

About Devcom 2023

Devcom is an unparalleled trade fair and event extravaganza, spanning two incredible days featuring exclusive talks, panels, workshops, as well as supplementary events, exhibitions, and captivating shows.