InstaLOD Studio

The best way to get it done.

Studio is the holistic 3D processing platform that finally makes it easy to convert complex scenes into usable assets.

Limitless Interoperability.

Studio features more than 50 distinct file import formats and more than 10 file export formats. This wide spectrum of supported file formats ranges from industry-standard formats such as FBX or GLTF to proprietary NURBS or BREP based formats such as CATIA.

Limitless Extensibility.

Studio is a powerful 64-bit platform that can be extended through a native C++ interface. Easily add support for additional file formats, extend the rules engine, modify the viewport rendering or implement new algorithms — anything is possible.

Render Massive Scenes.

Realtime per-object occlusion culling enables Studio to render gigantic scenes with thousands of draw-calls at high framerates. On top of this, the viewport is powered by a post processing pipeline that renders effects such as emissive lights or fullscreen antialiasing.

Scale your Processing.

Processing profiles created with Studio can be directly used with InstaLOD Pipeline. The same applies to Studio plugins or file import and export capabilities. Setup your process in Studio and scale it to process hundreds of files with a single click.

Casual Time Travelling.

Every time you execute a mesh operation a snapshot of the profile and the scene will be saved in the processing timeline. This enables you to go back and forth in your timeline or convert your timeline into a profile that execute all steps as a combined operation.

Built-in Baking.

Studio features dedicated texture baking-technology that can easily handle gigantic scenes. InstaLOD's baker is able to generate a wide spectrum of different textures used for rendering or texturing workflows: from ambient occlusion to curvature maps.

InstaLOD Grid

Massively scaling. In all dimensions.

Discover what it means to remove all limits when it comes to scalability, automation and employee training.

InstaLOD Grid enables you to easily deploy your own on-premise InstaLOD compute cluster. The entire InstaLOD technology stack will be immediately available to all members of your organization. At the same time the InstaLOD Grid strips away the need to install and learn a new software package - making it trivial to spread the technology within your operation. As demand for processing increases, you can easily add more processing nodes to your local InstaLOD Grid cluster.

Submitting data for processing is as easy as opening a web-browser and dropping the file onto the InstaLOD Grid web app. Power users can leverage InstaLOD Grid through applications such as InstaLOD Studio or InstaLOD Pipeline. The master server will automatically forward all processing requests to the first available processing node in the compute cluster. As soon as the data has been processed, the result can be easily downloaded through InstaLOD Studio or the InstaLOD Grid web app.

Everything just works: from data-prepping profiles that have been setup with InstaLOD Studio to leveraging best-in-class CAD import and tessellations. For deep system integrations, InstaLOD Grid can also be directly accessed through a built-in web-service that can be connected to other web-services, PLM systems and traditional data pipelines. InstaLOD Grid's scalability is not limited to technology: the flat license fee for unlimited users, all features and automation make it the best fit for any business case.

InstaLOD's flexibility enables tight integration of into existing workflows and applications.
Easily batch the creation of multiple LOD sets with distinct settings or painlessly optimize rigged characters. When optimizing animated objects, the optimizer will automatically analyze the topology to preserve parts that are important for animations.

InstaLOD Pipeline

InstaLOD Pipeline is a cross-platform commandline application that enables you to perform data processing on a batch of files without having to use a graphical user interface. Using InstaLOD Pipeline to introduce automation or implement automated data-prepping processes in your asset pipeline is about as easy as it gets.

InstaLOD Pipeline is now available on PC Windows and MacOS.

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InstaLOD Cloud

InstaLOD Cloud enables developers and content creators to utilize our tech as a SaaS web platform. Use our web-app to upload, view and process your 3D data right from your browser. Setup complex automations or integrate InstaLOD into your service by making use of our JSON based REST-API.

InstaLOD Cloud will be available soon.

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InstaLOD C++ SDK

The 64-bit InstaLOD C++ Software Development Kit enables OEMs and ISVs with custom tools and technology to integrate our technology seamlessly into existing software. Leveraging the InstaLOD C++ SDK for your in-house application development is easy and painless.

The InstaLOD C++ SDK is now available on PC Windows and MacOS.

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InstaLOD for Autodesk Maya

InstaLOD for Autodesk Maya and Maya LT enables you to optimize 3D data without having to waste time switching applications. Great care has been taken to ensure a high degree of usability and productivity even when using InstaLOD for Autodesk Maya for the first time. Asynchronous processing, batching and killer optimizations available at your fingertips.

InstaLOD for Autodesk Maya is now available on PC Windows and MacOS.

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InstaLOD for Autodesk 3ds Max

InstaLOD for Autodesk 3ds Max unleashes best-in-class optimizations on one of the most popular 3D modelling applications. Every single feature of our technology has been smoothly integrated into the 3ds Max user interface with a native feel, asynchronous processing and batching.

InstaLOD for Autodesk 3ds Max is now available on PC Windows.

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InstaLOD for Autodesk VRED

InstaLOD for Autodesk VRED is the ultimate companion for creating the best visualizations directly inside Autodesk VRED. Leap ahead by reducing time consuming workflows and slashing iteration cost to a minimum.

InstaLOD for Autodesk VRED is now available on PC Windows.

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InstaLOD for Blender

InstaLOD for Blender introduces our industry leading technology to the popular free and open-source 3D modelling package. No corners have been cut and the entire InstaLOD toolstack is available at your finger tips.

InstaLOD for Blender is now available on PC Windows and MacOS.

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InstaLOD for Unity

InstaLOD for Unity neatly integrates into the engine's sleek editor UI and enables Unity developers to optimize 3D assets with just a few clicks. Optimizing complex scenes or creating entirely new assets with InstaLOD for Unity is as easy and accesible as the engine itself.

InstaLOD for Unity is now available on PC Windows and MacOS.

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InstaLOD for Unreal Engine

InstaLOD for Unreal Engine enables game developers to optimize 3D assets and scenes from within Unreal Engine. Full support for both static and skeletal meshes as well as draw call reduction make InstaLOD the best choice for optimization in Unreal Engine.

InstaLOD for Unreal Engine is available on PC Windows and MacOS.

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