The InstaLOD 2023 product wave is defined by a massive number of new features such as quad and iso-tropic remeshing and pivotal UX improvements.


Stuttgart, Germany, 28th February 2023 – InstaLOD GmbH today announces the release and immediate availability of the InstaLOD 2023 product wave that updates the company’s core products such as InstaLOD Studio, InstaLOD Pipeline and InstaLOD Grid with key improvements such as the introduction of new algorithms and redesigned user experiences. Apart from the release of new products the company unveils new licensing models for the SDK that will further spread the technology.

The InstaLOD 2023 release contains many new core features such as quad remeshing, isotropic remeshing, and a GPU-based texture baking solution. Users of the InstaLOD C++ SDK have access to a wide array of new features: from computing signed distance fields to creating convex hulls and performing quick mesh voxelizations or constructive-solid-geometry operations — it’s a worthy generational leap.
New functionality for InstaLOD Grid range from workflow improvements such as in-browser asset previews to power user features for identity and task management. Additional improvements include new first-party CAD file format support as well as improvements for existing importers and new image export options. The integration of Python scripting in both InstaLOD Studio and InstaLOD Pipeline enables developers to extend InstaLOD’s processing capabilities on many levels.

Every product part of the InstaLOD software suite has been improved: from the redesigned and optimized standalone application InstaLOD Studio 2023 to key improvements for asset review and task management with InstaLOD Grid and refined integrations for popular content-creation tools.

The 2023 product wave was quite a while in the making”, said Manfred M. Nerurkar, CEO of the Abstract Group, “one of the reasons was the impact of COVID-19 but also the heavy R&D efforts that are part of this release and other products the Abstract group is working on. The wait is certainly worth the while! It’s our biggest update yet, with many new algorithms and features that blow the window of opportunity for our users wide open.

About InstaLOD
Located in Stuttgart, Germany InstaLOD GmbH is the developer and publisher of the award-winning InstaLOD solution. InstaLOD enables companies around the globe to achieve massive cost and time savings when working with 3D. The software was first introduced at SIGGRAPH 2017 in Los Angeles, instantly becoming a household name in the industry. InstaLOD is an Λbstract product.

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