Groundbreaking Polygon Optimization.

InstaLOD's award-winning polygon optimization is used across industries:
from Tier 1 automotive companies to AAA game developers and VFX studios.

Remeshing that delivers on quality, speed and scalability.

InstaLOD's multi-resolution remesher is fast, memory efficient and can easily handle big data input with multiple millions of polygons.

Unleash your data.

Manually data prepping or optimizing highly complex scenes with thousands of objects and millions of polygons can quickly become an impossible task. Our remeshing technology can handle everything, from individual objects to complex scenes.

With InstaLOD, even the most challenging data sets become usable assets - all at the push of a button.

Ready in realtime.

InstaLOD's Realtime-Ready workflow creates 3D assets that are directly usable with every rendering engine. Turn any high-polygon input geometry into realtime ready assets. All texture maps required for rendering or modern texturing workflows are automatically generated.

Focus on the creative part of the asset creation and let InstaLOD take care of the manual tasks within minutes.

Optimize your simulation setup.

Instantly prepare your data for complex soft-body simulations or animations using InstaLOD's isotropic remesher. With a single click, even the most sophisticated meshes can be retopologized so that all edges are the same length and softbody simulations run with accurate precision. The isotropic constraint can be lifted where important details, such as folds on a sofa or fine bevels must be preserved.

And it's not just geometry that's remeshed — important attributes on the remeshed geometry such as texture coordinates, vertex colors and normal splits are perfectly preserved.


Turn your triangles into quads.

Triangle to quad mesh conversions are finally reliable, consistent and scalable with InstaLOD's quad remeshing. It's that simple, generate pure quad topologies using any triangle mesh as source data.

The resulting quad topology is purely made up of quads without a single triangle in sight. The topology naturally aligns to the primary features of the input mesh, but if desired, the topology can align to other attributes, such as, sharp features and mesh boundaries.

CAD Import and Tessellation.

Experience ultra-robust CAD import and tessellation for both native and portable file formats.

Draw-Call Reduction

Break the bottleneck.


Just a single draw-call.

InstaLOD is designed to handle large datasets and that holds true for our texture pipeline as well.

Packing a large scene with hundreds of input textures onto a single 32k texture is something only InstaLOD can handle. Super-sampling and a high-quality solidification algorithm ensure that the packed texture renders great even in mip-mapping scenarios.

Even complex packing operations like packing to or from non-power-of-two textures or non-square textures are handled perfectly by InstaLOD.

The intelligent Occlusion Culling solution.

Automated removal of hidden polygons has never been easier and more precise.
Reduce turn-around time by converting complex scenes or assemblies into lightweight assets.

What you see is what you get:
Camera based culling.

Occlusion culling with InstaLOD can be performed in two ways: Either by placing cameras in your scene or by automatically removing interior faces.

Full control over the precision of the operation enables you to handle even highly tessellated geometry.

Automatic removal of interior geometry without configuration.

InstaLOD is able to automatically remove interior polygons from any kind of input geometry.

This unique feature is engineered in a way that it requires no additional scene or camera setup, allowing it to be deployed in a large scale in fully automated data-prep scenarios.

High-quality imposter creation for foliage and regular geometry.

With InstaLOD it's easy to create great imposters for individual objects or entire scenes. A wide variety of different imposters can be created at the push of a button: AABB, Billboard, Flip-book, Custom geometry and Hybrid Billboard Cloud.

Jump start your imposter creation.

Creating imposters has never been as easy as it is when using InstaLOD. Simply select your object in the scene and click a single button. The selected object will automatically be converted into an imposter and placed at the correct location within your scene. The exact same workflow applies when converting large selections like forests or skylines: Simply select your input meshes and convert your selection into a single imposter by clicking a single button.

InstaLOD's imposter pipeline makes use of our baking technology, this means when creating an imposter you'll have full access to the entire texture generation stack from ambient occlusion to thickness maps with super sampling and more.

Meet the next-generation imposter.

Typical imposters are merely textured billboards - that's great as they're as cheap as it gets to draw them on the screen. However, this simplified geometry prevents certain effects and rendering techniques to be used. Self-shadowing, ambient occlusion and transmissive light rendering are important techniques that cannot be applied to regular imposters.

Meet our Hybrid Billboard Cloud imposters: this new type of imposters preserves the volume of the input geometry and therefore can be rendered in the same way the input geometry is rendered. Therefore, the switch to the imposter is less noticeable, and the imposter integrates perfectly into the rest of the rendered image.

Baking and UV Tools

Fully batchable workflows for autonomous completion of manual tasks such as UV unwrapping or layouting.

Killer baking with up to 32k textures

InstaLOD can handle ultra-high resolution textures of up to 32k. High quality dilation and an excellent post-process solidification ensure perfect results with every bake. Long standing pain-points have finally been solved with the introduction of baking cages that can be topologically different to the target mesh. Avoid complex baking setups by match source and target meshes by name.

Next to transferring source mesh texture data, InstaLOD's baker can also output all textures typical to modern texturing and rendering workflows

Automatic UV unwrapping and more

InstaLOD is a versatile toolkit for mesh processing. Use one of three different UV unwrapping algorithms to automatically generate UV parameterizations for any kind of input geometry.

Repacking of existing UV layouts, fixing non-manifold meshes, filling holes or conforming mesh normals are just a small sample of the fully batchable mesh processing at your disposal.

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