Create media rich applications that make it easy to grasp even the most complex content.


Interactive applications and products can boost sales and increase customer engagement.


Live through interactive experiences to strengthen your training experience.


Build applications that showcase your assets with true to life quality.


Take your BIM process to the next level.


Develop immersive games with more content and faster iteration times.

The end-to-end solution for your data.

InstaLOD is the key enabler for your enterprise 3D strategy with end-to-end management from data streams to visualization. Let InstaLOD do the heavy lifting of file format conversions, data adaptation and management. Leverage InstaLOD's leading proficiency in 3D throughout the product life cycle to build optimized processes, customized algorithms and fully integrated data pipelines.

  • End-to-end management for data and visualization
  • Leverage InstaLOD to build fully integrated product pipelines
  • Embed your database and PLM into the data flow

Master your data.

An ever-growing spectrum of media channels, platforms and devices require an automated and standardized process to avoid continuously lowering your ROI. Establishing a single source for your visualization data dramatically increases productivity and lowers process cost. This single data source can utilize any existing data within your organization such as CAD geometry and material data as well as product information from your PLM system. All data will be brought together and the data source can autonomously output visualization assets that can easily be fed into any business case making reconfiguration, manual data preparation and manual data adaptation processes fully obsolete.

  • Create a single data source for all your visualization needs
  • Leverage preexisting CAD, PLM and other meta data
  • Lower data sharing process cost within the organization and external partners
  • Use full automation and automatic regeneration to avoid manual data preparation processes

Make the process work.

Fully developing a consistent 3D strategy for your enterprise that begins early in the product life cycle and persists throughout the process yields massive benefits for your operations. From planning and development to marketing, training and sales: This strategy enables your enterprise to lower cost, time to market and extends your marketing options. Use InstaLOD to build processes that span domain boundaries and across the value chain of your products.

  • Develop a consistent enterprise 3D strategy
  • Reuse the same data throughout the product lifecycle
  • Build transmedial products that reach your customer at any time

The technology that bonds everything together

InstaLOD revolutionizes your business by automating labor intensive workflows involved in data preparation. Establishing InstaLOD as central data source for your visualization data utilizes the full potential of your existing CAD, Scan or 3D data and enables direct retargeting for any business case with automated processing at minimal cost.

The business case typically begins with preexisting data that needs to be converted into a usable format. InstaLOD can process any kind of input data from dense 3D geometry to large CAD assemblies. With support for more than 50 distinct file formats and a high-quality tessellation engine as well as native CAD format reading capabilities, InstaLOD has the broadest file reading capabilities available. A versatile plugin system enables developers to easily add support for any proprietary file format for both import and export.

After the conversion the time-consuming part of data preparation and adaptation begins. To create a visualization asset, the data must be manually adapted to fit the targeted use case. If the source data changes, the process must be repeated. Using InstaLOD as your centralized data source for visualization assets allows you to fully automate this process. These automations range from reducing the number of polygons while maintaining a high-quality surface to cleaning the data hierarchy, assigning materials or fully reconstructing even the most complex scene so it runs properly on the targeted device.

Every platform requires a different form of data adaptation, this makes it very difficult to reuse preexisting data. InstaLOD enables you to retarget your content for any platform: from low-powered virtual reality headsets to high-end workstations used for CG image generation. With InstaLOD's rule-based automation, it's trivial to retarget your data for different platforms without having to reinvest into a manual preparation process.
Just push a button, and your data can be regenerated.

InstaLOD is a key enabler for a wide range of different business cases ranging from AAA game productions to luxury car configurators for the world's top brands. Applications powered by InstaLOD run on almost any device from the internet to an embedded system that's driving the next-generation dashboard of a car. Increase your sales by building applications that immerse your customers, or improve your design review process by utilizing automatic data regeneration. InstaLOD enables you to build a data-process where flexibility through automation is not just an afterthought.

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