XR EXPO is the business-to-business conference in Southern Germany for everything surrounding Mixed, Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Every summer at the XR EXPO, industry leaders, technology providers, researchers and an excellent set of speakers gather in Stuttgart, Germany, to demonstrate the latest technology developments in XR and discuss their professional application in industry, architecture, health, trade and crafts. We’re glad to once again be present as a partner at this year’s conference and showcase how our revolutionary products can help shape the XR industry.

Meet us at XR EXPO 2023

InstaLOD delivers critical capabilities and powerful enterprise workflows for the development of XR applications. Following our successful debut at GDC 2023, we can’t wait to present the extensive range of features and improvements we’ve incorporated into the latest InstaLOD 2023 release. Join us in our home city as we take you on a personalized tour of our comprehensive technology stack at XR EXPO 2023.

Discover our latest advancements, including exciting features such as quad remeshing, GPU-based texture baking, Python scripting, and significant additions to our SDK. This is just a glimpse of the 2023 updates, and we’re excited to showcase the full extent of our toolkit.

In addition, we’d be delighted to give you a live demonstration of our groundbreaking technology, InstaMAT, which is nearing its Early Access phase. Experience firsthand how InstaMAT revolutionizes workflows in working with 3D materials and meshes. Whether it’s texturing stunning 3D assets using creative layering workflows or building procedural graph-based geometry processing pipelines, InstaMAT empowers you to achieve your vision.
We have also made significant strides in the development of other upcoming products and breakthrough technologies. Don’t miss out on:

  • RSX Engine – the first 3D engine technology that is not just a game engine. RSX Engine is built for enterprise.
  • InstaREC – effective photogrammetry and scan processing technology for 3D data.

Get in touch with us now to schedule a meeting or find us at XR EXPO 2023 at booth number 24.

About XR EXPO 2023

Organized by the Virtual Dimension Center (VDC), a leading competence network in Germany for virtual engineering, XR EXPO is an annual B2B conference for extended Reality. The conference focuses on the application of cutting edge technology in VR, AR and Mixed Reality to professional use cases across industries. With excellent opportunities to connect, network and engage with peers and industry leaders, XR EXPO is an excellent meeting point to shape the future of the industry.