Pure enjoyment, entertainment, inspiration and innovation! At Devcom 2022, everything that has rank and name meets.

devcom is the official game developer event of gamescom and Europe’s biggest game developer community-driven industry conference.
Offering additional content and events throughout the year, devcom constantly emphasizes its core values of diversity, inclusion and sustainability.
Established in 2017, devcom is the official game developer event of gamescom, the world’s largest computer and video games event, and Europe’s annual “must attend” developer’s conference. Originally started as a five-day umbrella framework for a series of events, devcom is now a full-year experience focused around game development, game publishing, networking and community building.

Meet us at Devcom 2022

From new features for InstaLOD Studio to the latest research and development done for our SDK – you’ll be able to get a thorough look and deep insights at our booth.
And this year we’re showing new products and disruptive technology that we have just unveiled at SIGGRAPH!

Get in touch with us now to schedule a meeting or find us at Devcom 2022 in Hall 2.2 booth number B031

About Devcom 2022

Devcom is the world‘s largest event for interactive entertainment and the international platform for business and new products of the computer and video game industry.
Devcom is a unique trade fair and event highlight with fascinating accompanying programme and spectacular side events – 150,000 fans rocked at the Devcom city festival.