The InstaLOD 2020 product wave is defined by groundbreaking new products such as InstaLOD Grid and InstaLOD Analyze, as well as a generation leap for our existing products.


Stuttgart, Germany, 5th December 2019 – InstaLOD GmbH today announces the release and immediate availability of the 2020 product wave that updates existing products such as InstaLOD Studio XL and InstaLOD Pipeline, but also sees the introduction of entirely new product categories such as InstaLOD Grid. Apart from the release of new products the company unveils new licensing models that aim to further spread the use of the technology.

With more than 500 new features and improvements, InstaLOD GmbH is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the highly anticipated InstaLOD Studio XL 2020. InstaLOD Studio XL delivers powerful mesh processing and enterprise workflows as a standalone package. A fresh user experience paired with a fantastic interface makes it trivial to implement fully scalable data-prepping scenarios.
Optimize, remesh, imposterize, material merging, occlusion culling and best-in-class CAD tessellation – it’s all there, right at the user’s fingertips. With this generational leap, InstaLOD Studio XL adds full scene editing, automation for enterprise data-prepping, GPU accelerated ProRender raytracing built in partnership with AMD and full support for InstaLOD Grid. Many new file formats for import and export such as USD and 3D PDF files will enable interoperability with any media target. New enterprise specific features such as InstaLOD Watchdog and InstaLOD Analyze – a new data-scoring product that enables customers to quantify third-party data quality long before ingesting it into a workflow or pipeline.

InstaLOD Grid enables enterprise customers to easily establish an on-premise InstaLOD compute cluster. Customers that leverage InstaLOD Grid will be able to expose every employee to the InstaLOD web-application to process data with no additional cost and no application-specific training. The InstaLOD Grid server receives requests from operators through applications such as InstaLOD Studio XL or the built-in web application and automatically forwards it to an available node in the compute cluster. Once the data has been processed, the result can be downloaded through InstaLOD Studio XL or the InstaLOD Grid web application. For deep system integrations, InstaLOD Grid can be accessed through a built-in web-service that can be connected to other web-services, PLM systems and traditional data pipelines.

Greatly improved integrations finally enable best-in-class CAD/CAM import and tessellation for operators working with content creations tools. The 2020 product wave finally makes the new InstaLOD for Blender integration available to users of the popular free and open-source modelling solution.

The 2020 product wave is the culmination of our company’s unique expertise in R&D and product design”, said Manfred M. Nerurkar, CEO of InstaLOD GmbH, “with this release we’re not just iterating on our leading technology. We’re unleashing game-changing new products that are solving key industry pain-points. These new products will now enable our tech to break into new verticals.

About InstaLOD
Located in Stuttgart, Germany InstaLOD GmbH is the developer and publisher of the award-winning InstaLOD solution. InstaLOD enables companies around the globe to achieve massive cost and time savings when working with 3D. The software was first introduced at SIGGRAPH 2017 in Los Angeles. Two years on, InstaLOD is a key exhibitor with one of the biggest booth spaces at SIGGRAPH 2019 in Los Angeles.

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