Based on the choice of all participants, the organizational committee of the 18th annual Volkswagen KTVT provided the Best Exhibitor Award to InstaLOD in 2017.

InstaLOD beat out more than 25 contestants from Fortune 500 companies to emerging tech startups and will aim to do so again in 2018.

“This award is a testament to our company’s achievements in the space”, said Manfred Nerurkar, CEO of InstaLOD, “it perfectly illustrates that InstaLOD is the first and only technology that has traction in industries with stark requirements for scalability and quality.”

About InstaLOD

InstaLOD delivers instant and fully automatic workflows for 3D productions. Customers can easily achieve more than 10x in cost-savings when creating new assets or optimizing existing data with revolutionary workflows. InstaLOD enables companies to dive into emerging technologies by retargeting existing CAD or 3D data for any target platform. From high-end CAD to VR/AR or mobile – all at the push of a button or fully integrated into data-prepping pipelines.

About Volkswagen Konzerntagung Virtuelle Techniken Conference

Hailed as one of the world’s most relevant conferences at the intersection of automotive and virtual technologies. Volkswagen KTVT will return for the 19th time to Wolfsburg, Germany. Both attendees and exhibitors will be carefully selected and invited to the conference on a case-by-case basis by the conference committee. The list of this year’s exhibitors will include the biggest US tech companies as well as Europe’s most relevant startups from the space. Hundreds of attendees and delegates will come to Wolfsburg from every automotive brand part of the Volkswagen Group.