Since 1997, the animago has provided a forum for networking and knowledge sharing among professionals and young talent in the VFX industry.

The animago is also open to everyday film and media enthusiasts and fans of animation and VFX. The event is organized each year by DIGITAL PRODUCTION, the German-language magazine focusing on the entire spectrum of digital media production.

Meet us at animago 2018

With InstaLOD Studio XL and InstaLOD SDK2018 we’re making a huge array of powerful features easily accessible to both entertainment and enterprise companies.

Killer mesh optimizations, blazing fast and high-quality remeshing, occlusion culling, state of the art imposters and AAA-grade baking are just a few of the features available in InstaLOD SDK2018. With InstaLOD Studio XL it finally becomes an approachable task to convert complex scenes into usable assets: from CAD import and high-fidelity tessellations available to automatic data-regeneration – InstaLOD Studio XL is the weapon of choice for Tier 1 automotive companies and high-end VFX studios.

We’d love to give you a personal tour of our technology at animago 2018! Get in touch with us now to schedule a meeting or find us at the animago 2018 in the exhibitor hall.

About animago 2018

Located in Munich, this two-day, high-profile conference will allow experts and creatives to give a deep view into their work: Technologies, current trends, workflows & design, project management & business topics and much more. Our team is happy to be present as a partner at this year’s animago 2018 showing off our latest products and research.

International Business Conferences

These educational opportunities and discussion forums include formal presentations, sharing of practical experience, and discussion of issues that cover all disciplines of digital media production, including animation, visual effects, industry visualization, product design, virtual reality & augmented reality, game design, project management, business & technology. They allow attendees to “get up to speed” quickly in new techniques, hear from active practitioners, and share ideas about problems that need to be solved through new areas of exploration.


Visitors to the animago attend first-class presentations and panels and get to experience products and services up close and hands on. Innovative products & technologies, developments & services in the entire field of 3d animation, visual effects, VR & AR, design will be exhibited. The event also features interactive elements, raffles, recruiting opportunities, and networking.

About InstaLOD

InstaLOD delivers instant and fully automatic workflows for 3D productions. Customers can easily achieve more than 10x in cost-savings when creating new assets or optimizing existing data with revolutionary workflows. InstaLOD enables companies to dive into emerging technologies by retargeting existing CAD or 3D data for any target platform. From high-end CAD to VR/AR or mobile – all at the push of a button or fully integrated into data-prepping pipelines.