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InstaLOD Questions & Answers is a question and answer site centered around InstaLOD. Questions can be asked by members of the community, but it’s not only the InstaLOD team that can answer open questions. The community can jump in and answer open questions at anytime. Before posting a new question, make sure to use the search first, to avoid duplicate questions. Additional helpful resources on your path to mastering InstaLOD are our Knowledge Base and our YouTube channel.

The community works best when questions are asked in a way that the answer to it is also interesting to the rest of the community.

  1. Questions can be 🔼 or 🔽 voted by fellow community members.
  2. Questions that have a high vote count are prioritized and tend to be answered first by the community as well as InstaLOD Staff members.
  3. When 🗣 a question, make sure to accept the answer by clicking the ✅ next to the answer that best answers your question – not the most upvoted one.
  4. If you ❤️ the answer, and your question is still marked as Open you should also mark the question as Resolved. If no further discussion is necessary, it’s best to set the question status to Closed.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

OpenGlenn SuppGlenn Supp asked 2 weeks ago • 
25 views1 answers2 votes
OpenGustav HammerschmidtGustav Hammerschmidt asked 2 weeks ago
19 views1 answers1 votes
ResolvedPeter KovaksPeter Kovaks asked 2 weeks ago • 
32 views1 answers0 votes
ResolvedCharlie ButtonCharlie Button asked 2 weeks ago • 
18 views1 answers1 votes
ResolvedKirsten BallKirsten Ball asked 2 weeks ago
32 views1 answers1 votes
OpenCharlie ButtonCharlie Button asked 2 weeks ago • 
5 views0 answers0 votes