We are thrilled that you want to integrate the InstaLOD brand logo into your product!

The requirements for using the logo are as follows:

  • Do not change the aspect ratio of the logo.
  • If you are displaying the InstaLOD logo next to other brands and product logos, do not render the InstaLOD logo significantly smaller than other logos.
  • Ensure that no other graphical element overlaps or intersects the InstaLOD logo.
  • Ensure there is enough padding available so the InstaLOD logo is easily recognizable.
  • If you are using the RGB versions of the logo make sure to preserve the color values.
  • The pink color is of high importance to us, make sure the color matches our brand. sRGB: R255 G47 B141 RGB: R251 G5 B123.
  • Choose the apropriate version of the logo based on the color of the backdrop.

If you are uncertain about any of our requirements, or have any general questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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