Our Motivation

We want to make creating 3D easier and more accessible. We want to make 3D data easily available on different platforms and devices. We want to make CAD/CAM data as approachable as any other kind of 3D data. We want to make our tech available to everybody working with 3D.
We think, that this offer is helping us achieve this goal.

Our Offer

A single seat license provides access to the entire technology stack of InstaLOD and can introduce significant cost-savings when working with 3D data. This is the technology that AAA game developers use to revolutionize their asset production workflows. It’s the same technology that Tier 1 Automotive companies use to create their 3D data from CAD/CAM data. This offer includes everything: from our industry leading optimization technology to the best-in-class tessellation engine for CAD/CAM users. We’re tearing down all entry barriers, to provide you with a one-year node-locked seat license opportunity. This will enable you to explore the dramatic cost-savings our technology can introduce – in entertainment projects or enterprise business-cases that involve 3D.

Free Seat License Enterprise License
InstaLOD Studio XL    
InstaLOD Pipeline  
InstaLOD Grid  
InstaLOD CAD Live Link    
InstaLOD for Autodesk Maya    
InstaLOD for Autodesk 3ds Max    
InstaLOD for Autodesk VRED    
InstaLOD for Blender    
InstaLOD for Unity3D    
InstaLOD for Unreal Engine    
Software Development Kits
InstaLOD C++ SDK    
InstaLOD Pipeline SDK  
Remote Processing  
Unattended Processing  
Full Automation  
Offline Licensing  
Software Updates    
Collection of Usage Data1  
Enterprise Priority Support  
Knowledge Base    
Video Tutorials    
Community Forum    
1 To avoid abuse of the Free Seat License program, the software collects and sends anonymized usage data to the InstaLOD licensing servers. This only applies to software activated under the Free Seat License program. Activating a commercial license disables these measures.

Our Expectations

Our company is growing fast and we have established a global presence thanks to the efforts of our engineering team and our partners. Whether it’s top automotive brands, VFX studios or AAA game developers, they’re all part of our community. We want to take this a step further and make our technology and products available to everybody. We have a few expectations ourselves of what we expect in return for providing such a unique offer to both individuals and companies.

  One free license per legal entity

Every individual or organization is able to sign up for this offer to use our technology without limitations, even for commercial products and projects. However, if you want to scale your use of InstaLOD with more licenses, you will need to purchase additional licenses. It is prohibited to sign up for the free license more than once.

  Do not mix individual and company licenses

Only one free license can be obtained per legal entity and it is not permitted to use personal/indivdual licenses for non-person entities. In short: you can get a license for ACME Inc. – but you may not use “John Doe”‘s license for ACME Inc.

  No abuse

It is prohibited to reverse engineer our software or attempt to modify it with the goal to disable our licensing systems. If you integrate our software into a system that processes data in an automated or remote manner you will be in violation of the licensing agreement as well. This includes accessing our software through remote desktop or screen-sharing solutions.

  Proper application

To obtain your free license, you’ll have to submit an application to provide us with information about you or your company and how you plan to use our software. On our end, the review process is manual and not filling out the form properly will force us to discard the application. As you can image, we’re facing a huge challenge with hundreds of applications. We ask you to have patience with the administration of the licenses and the support associated with it.

Your Free License

To get your free one-year seat license now, all you have to do is download the application form and follow the steps that are detailed in the document.

As of August 2023, the Free Seat License program has been discontinued in favour of our free Pioneer License. Head over to our Licensing Page and get yours now!