Making our technology available without restrictions or arbitrary limitations was a long term goal of the company. In time for GDC 2019, we’re finally able to deliver.

The following message was written by our CEO, Manfred M. Nerurkar:

Today, I am more than pleased to announce a remarkable change in our business. A change that will cause ripples across different industries and companies of all sizes.

Our company is growing fast, and we have established a global presence thanks to the efforts of our engineering team and our partners. Whether it’s top automotive brands, VFX studios or AAA game developers, they’re all part of our community. While we’re becoming omnipresent, we haven’t lost sight of our origin along the way. Since the beginning, we’ve had a mission: We want to make creating 3D easier and more accessible. We want to make 3D data easily available on different platforms and devices. We want to make CAD/CAM data as approachable as any other kind of 3D data. We want to make our tech available to everybody working with 3D. Today, I want to commit to this vision and take it one step further with a decisive commitment.

Starting today, we are offering a free and unencumbered one-year node-locked seat license subscription at no additional cost to both individuals and companies. Everybody will have access to the technology that AAA game developers use to revolutionize their asset production workflows. It’s the same technology that Tier 1 Automotive companies use to create their 3D data from CAD/CAM data. This offer includes everything: from our industry leading optimization technology to the best-in-class tessellation engine for CAD/CAM users. This will enable everybody to explore and implement the dramatic cost-savings our technology can introduce – in entertainment projects or enterprise business-cases that involve 3D.

If you want to learn more about this unique offer, please head to the dedicated landing page we’ve setup.


Manfred M. Nerurkar

Editor’s note: A formal press release is available here.

Please note that due to GDC 2019 in San Francisco there might be a delay until your free seat license application has been processed.