Running October 26-28, 2017 at the Javits Center in NYC, NY VR Expo is the premier event for VR/AR new emerging technologies on the east coast.

A variety of educational seminars, demonstrations, and presentations will be scheduled throughout the NYVR conference to provide attendees with a level of networking and learning not available on the East Coast — until now.
Our team is happy to be present as a partner at this year’s NY VR Expo 2017 showing off the power of the latest version of InstaLOD SDK2.

Meet us at NY VR Expo 2017

With InstaLOD SDK2 we’re making a huge array of powerful features easily accessible to both artists and programmers alike.

Killer mesh optimizations, blazing fast and high-quality remeshing, occlusion culling, state of the art imposters and AAA-grade baking are just a few of the features available in InstaLOD SDK2.

We’d love to give you a personal tour of InstaLOD SDK 2 Update 3 at NY VR Expo 2017! Get in touch with us now at to schedule a meeting or find us at the NY VR EXPO 2017 at booth number 312.

About NY VR Expo

NYVR Expo — running October 26-28, 2017 at the Javits Center in NYC — is for everyone eager to learn how virtual and augmented reality technologies can impact their lives now and in the future, with dozens of seminars touching on a broad range of VR and AR topics.

Plus: See the very latest in VR/AR technology from numerous manufacturers, suppliers, and VR/AR applications.