With InstaLOD SDK2 we’ve put a wide array of powerful and easily accessible features into the hands of both 3D artists and programmers alike.

Today, I am pleased to announce the immediate availability of InstaLOD SDK2 Update 3. Enabling many different industries to bring their content into any application – from VR applications to killer AAA titles. Highest quality mesh optimizations, blazing fast and high-quality remeshing, occlusion culling, state of the art imposters and AAA-grade baking are just a few of the many features we have introduced with InstaLOD SDK2. At SIGGRAPH 2017 the response to our tools and workflows we showcased at our booth was phenomenal – and I cannot wait to get your feedback on the new InstaLOD SDK2 Update 3.

InstaLOD SDK2 Update 3 comes with many exciting new features and improvements.
With the latest iteration of Smart Optimizer V2 our team keeps pushing the frontier of what is considered to be possible with polygon optimization. Other features include support for large texture data, automatically inserting UV splits for normal splits and a new HD multi-pass dithering when down sampling 16bpp data to 8bpp to bake beautiful normal-maps with reduced banding artifacts. These are just a few out of more than 100 significant new features, improvements and changes.

InstaLOD SDK2 Update 3 also marks the availability of InstaLOD for Unity – the perfect integration of InstaLOD into the Unity 3D engine. All features are available and neatly integrated into the tech: create high-quality polygon optimizations, remove hidden polygons, or merge your entire scene into a single texture – all at the push of a button.

As always, we want to make sure that new teams are aware of all features and workflows that are enabled by InstaLOD. That’s why we’re offering free SDK2 introduction sessions via video conferencing to ensure that your team is productive right from the start. The introduction will showcase SDK2 Update 3 using InstaLOD for Autodesk Maya – so it’s just perfect for every artist. But we think that both programmers and producers will benefit from the demo, too, as it helps to comprehend the functionality and productivity improvements gained when using InstaLOD.

Get in touch with us now at hello@InstaLOD.io to schedule your introduction session and start your free InstaLOD SDK2 evaluation today.


InstaLOD SDK2 empowers 3D content creators to ship their creations faster, with more content and lower production cost. Tedious workflows like manual retopology, UV unwrapping or complex baking setups as well as productivity killing export and import iterations can be either fully automated with InstaLOD or dramatically reduced. Here is what Declan Doyle, the technical director behind the recently released HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed, had to say about using InstaLOD for the production of their title:

“A high profile asset that will require a lot of polish may take a few days to weeks in most pipelines. This is mainly driven by the numerous steps taken to
achieve a final game ready asset, but the one’s most time consuming can be the final low poly, UV layout, baking and LOD generation depending on final model
complexity. These four steps alone can eat up hours to days’ worth of work. When we can minimize the time it takes to complete those tasks alone with InstaLOD in
our pipeline, we are able to focus more on a polished asset on the first run and produce more content. […] There were numerous assets we wanted to have in the
game for the Early Access release of HC:U, and without InstaLOD, release could have been delayed. I swear, those InstaLOD guys are pure wizards. They’ve helped
to make HC:U possible for our fans and the feedback we have received has been tremendous because we had InstaLOD in our pipeline.”

Make sure to check out both HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed and their case-study about InstaLOD.