After more than 1½ years in development, I am thrilled to announce that starting today we begin the process of rolling out InstaLOD SDK2 Preview 1.

With InstaLOD SDK2 we’re making a huge array of powerful features easily accessible to both artists and programmers alike. Killer mesh optimizations, blazing fast and high-quality remeshing, occlusion culling, state of the art imposters and AAA-grade baking are just a few of the many features available in InstaLOD SDK2. Early feedback on SDK2 has been absolutely phenomenal and we cannot wait to get your feedback on SDK2.

SDK2 offers more than one hundred new features and improvements that allow for exciting new productivity-boosting workflows.
We want to make sure that every company is getting the most out of SDK2. That’s why we’re onboarding teams on a case-by-case basis. At the same time, we’re offering free SDK2 introduction sessions via Skype video to ensure that your team is productive right from the start. The introduction will showcase SDK2 using InstaLOD for Autodesk Maya, but we think that programmers will benefit from the demo as well, as it helps to comprehend the functionality of SDK2.

We’ve spent countless hours testing SDK2 on a wide spectrum of different types of geometry in all kinds of scenarios. We consider InstaLOD SDK2 to be highly stable and fit for production. This release carries the preview tag as certain secondary elements are still missing: the updated website, InstaLOD for Autodesk 3ds max as well as tutorial videos and further documentation. But we didn’t want to keep you waiting any longer!

Make sure to get in touch with us now at to schedule your introduction session and start using InstaLOD SDK2.

InstaLOD Indie SDK 2 will be available soon. All customers of InstaLOD Indie SDK 1 will receive a free upgrade to InstaLOD Indie SDK 2.